Jan 28, 2016

Basic Way to Find Email Address

Email is a great marketing tool. Allows the business owners to connect with their prospects and highlight new product, services and promotions. And it will boast an incredible number of benefits such as increase number of audience/customer for the business and increase sales.  

So most of my clients love to ask me to look for the right contact email addresses (depending on their target audience, market/industry, geographical location, and etc.). Actually gathering email addresses is one of my favorite task to do. :D 

I will share with you some of the strategies I used when I was new in Research task: gathering individual email addresses.

Checking Company Website   

Company Name: Andrea Beloff  
Website Link: http://www.andreabeloff.com       
  • 1.    Copy the link and paste it to a web browser. Or just simply click the company website link it will direct you to their site.      
  • 2.    Look for and Click About Us or Contact menu or Staff Directory page – usually you will see the contact name and their email address here.

 Google Search Engine   

Company: Argyle Brewing  
Website Domain: argylebrewing.com  
Owner: Matt Stewart      
  • 1.    Copy the name (marketing related staff/owner) + @ + website domain  
                 Matt Stewart@argylebrewing.com
  • 2.    See search results for any possible email address (try to look till page 3)  

  • 3.    If no possible email address, you can try searching emails like     
             Matt@argylebrewing.com – correct email  
             stewartMatt@argylebrewing.com  and etc...

We've got the right email address here. :D


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