Working as a Virtual Assistant gives me more time to be engage with like-minded individuals. Learning new things and working with them really excites me. They are giving me the opportunity to grow. I strive to provide the quality support services they need to take the company to the next level.

I can help manage any administrative tasks or do whatever is necessary to help them out with their business. I am always ready to do the jobs with great confidence.

Here are some of my tasks:

  • Research
  • Data entry, building and update (contacts, Zoho CRM, Salesforce and etc.)
  • Lead generation
  • Email scraping
  • Web scraping
  • Email handling
  • Email marketing
  • Create, Update and Manage Social Media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc.)
  • Maintaining cloud computing accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote)
  • Sending Invoices to clients
  • Converting PDF files (word)
  • Transcribe video/audio/scanned image into a word
  • Any types of MS excel/word works.
  • Recruitment Researcher – (LinkedIn)
  • Regression test for new website
  • SEO research and create new business listings (yelp, yellowpages and etc.)
  • Editing and revising article
  • Making phone calls (Skype)
  • And etc….


You can check out my simple ARTICLES LINK below related to my VA Task. Cheers! :D *more to come...